It was just luck that I got introduced to the Winforce products. I had contact with the European supplier of the Dynaplug tools and Winforce products. The man (Hannes Ritt) has lots of experience in long distant races both road and MTB. And since I was about to ride my first 12 hour MTB marathon, we were discussing eating and drinking during these kind of long distances.

He proposed, that I should try the Winforce products for this ride. But unfortunately the mailman was late and I couldn’t  try the Winforce products that day. So I had to try the products some other time.

The Winforce concept:

Winforce is a Swiss based company and they sponsor many big athletes (Fabian Cancellara, Jolanda Neff, etc.) The have three product concepts.  The product line I was trying belong in the Endurance concept. They should give maximum energy and tolerability. And my recovery should be faster.


Using the Winforce concept:

I planned some  shorter (±3 hours) MTB rides to test the products. In order to fully feel the benefit of the Winforce products I used them throughout my working day and planned the MTB rides direct after work.

So before I started I took a Ultra Energy. I had many gels in the past and many were so sweat and sticky your dentist bill could be huge. But these are different, tasteful and not sweat tasting at all. I filled up a 750ml bottle with 3 scoops of Carbo basic Plus and put  2 Ultra Energys and 1 Booster in my back pocket. Of to go for the ride.

On both the rides I used this method. The Carbo basic plus has a very nice taste, in my case peach. The rides went very well, it was cold so I had to force myself to drink often. After one hour I took a Ultra Energy again and after one and a half hour I drank the Booster (which tastes like a Red Bull in a small package). And after 2 hours a Ultra energy again. After I stopped riding I mixed up the Power Protein (for recovery).


The Winfroce products all have a nice taste, and I didn’t got tired of them after a while. They gave me the energy I needed during the rides. I never had that moment of feeling hungry. You could easily have ride longer distances using only these products. So next marathon I will defiantly try that. The recovery was good. I tried to ride as fast as possible on both the tests to fully feel the effect of the Endurance concept. And they gave what they promised.