CURRENT weight is dropped to 9kg

It was one of those days, I looked at my favorite mountainbike (Cannondale F600), and dreamed about a new color for the frame. I always loved Metallic paint on cars so that was my main goal. An other item that was on my wish list was a Handlebar/Stem combo.

Because you can’t get a handlebar/stem combo for Cannondale Headshok I needed to make one myself. I milled a stem I had laying around to the dimensions I wanted (31,8mm diameter and 100mm length) and had a nice light handlebar laying around (700mm width). Brought that to a local aluminium welder and pict it up one day later. After some putty and sanding the end result was very good looking (as I may say so).

Than it was time for some spary painting and polishing. I wanted the frame, headshok fork, handlebar/stem combo and seatpost in the same color. The bicycle brand Speedvagen was a huge inspiration for this project to. As I already got an limited edition XTR polished rear derailleur, I also polished my crankset, magura brakes and some other parts.


Took my time on this one as I screwed up lots of other spray paint projects. But this paintjob came out really good. The stickers I made en designed myself. I’m privileged to have a professional sticker printer and cutter at my work so these are of pro quality.

And finaly here is the end result which I´m really proud of: